Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Serial Number Games Angry Birds Classic,Sesons,Rio and Space

Hello guys,
in this time, and the second post of my blog.. i will share you SN for the game that was booming in every country... and it games was i use for this templates blog... Yups! it's Angry Birds... Angry Birds made by Rovio since 2011. Angry Birds has 4 game.. thats are is AB Classic, AB Rio, AB Seasons, and AB Space. the Angry Birds Space is more cool from other because it's has the gravity effect. by the way... this is the SN of AB...
just copy and Paste in ur. AB... but realize that you was cracking the AB...


Oh, I forgot... I didn't tell you to not to update the Angry Birds. it will causes you must search a ne SN again.
Okay, thx for visiting my blog... Have fun :)


  1. thank you but do you know that these key also works for angry bireds star wars and other angry birds games for pc as well as for mobile and android version.

  2. Didn't work. Is it possible to register PC versions anymore? Years ago I bought the game off the shelf in a shop. It's own damn key doesn't even work anymore: RKPH-NBSB-ZZMZ-BGWB


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